49 Feet High 

Who we are

We are an original rock duo out of Bridgeport Connecticut delivering more excitement and rush than a world class rock band would.


49 Feet High is


Andrew White

Bassist, guitarist, lead vocalist, co-writer

Andrew White started playing guitars he made out of legos and elastic bands, At 5 years old it was clear what he wanted to do with his life, he had to sober up and put down the pipe, and he did . At 15 he had saved enough pocket money to buy his first electric guitar .He played in the garage until the neighbors called the police.It was clear that English people didn't appreciate his style of rock. So he quit his job as a penguin flipper at the zoo, and moved to America with nothing more than a dream and a spare pair of underpants.

Andrew was responsible for forming many musical groups, such as" Flux","Orange peel",(a tech rock band),then "Fusura". Fusura landed a record deal with "Full Circle records", which later fell through. After that band, Andrew was hired to play live guitar on" Echoing August's" new album, to later play and write leads on their second studio album.

Soon after they were signed, Andrew Quit his job as an Exotic dancer, and they toured the U.S.

After leaving Echoing August to pursue his new original project "Audiophile Junkie" ,Andrew signed with Sling Slang and made an album "Cosmic Rocket". That band opened for many acts including Better than Ezra, and Breaking Benjamin ,and other bands that people don't know about.

Audiophile junkie then broke up for absolutely no reason. 

Knowing how flaky musicians can be, Andrew ended up writing more of his own songs and playing all the instruments himself . Andrew discovered Joe Purely by accident one night as he was throwing out the trash . "Get the fuc* out of the dumpster motherf***** ,theres no room for my garbage" I recall him saying. After that night ,that's when the magic happened and "49 FEET HIGH" was born.


Joe Covino

Drums, co-writer, other percussion

Joe Covino began teaching himself how to play the drums in the 7th grade and started playing in bands during high school but his career really started in 2018 with the help of his supportive wife and family members. His first band of his career started in February of 2018 called "Last Common Ancestor" but In July of that year he departed "Last Common Ancestor" due to personal differences. Shortly after his departure he met Bobby Roberts and together they launched the band "Cardboard Dream House" during August 2018. What started with just the two of them grew into a four piece and after it all came together they started playing shows all around the state of Connecticut and releasing a 5 song self titled EP. During July of 2019 Joe Covino decided to leave the band due to creative differences and then shortly after joined the band "All That We Are". During his tenure with "All That We Are" he once again found himself playing shows all around the state, for the first time Joe had to learn already created material which took him a few months but finally did it. In February of 2020 Joe left the band "All That We Are" due to personal differences with the band and wanting to have a more creative input on the music which led him to teaming up with his new found friend Andrew White to launch "49 Feet High" which he considers the best band he's ever been in and where he belongs.


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